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Monday, January 19, 2009

Who do you want to have beautiful eyes. Large, clear and bright, shining roll vessel diamonds. But if our eyes only look like a straight line, like the characters in the comics, how ?

However, do not worry, there are several ways you can do so with your eyes look bigger and shine. Try some of these tips:
1. On duty in the first brace cilia

Before using mascara, do not forget to catch first lash you to look more lentik. Can actually do if you are the type of mascara is dry, you can pinch your lash mascara after use. The most important wool over your eyes look more beauty with the help of some cilia.

2. The section should not pass

When you are wearing mascara, the cilia which you brush? It seems that you often miss the lash down, is it? I really seem to lash the bottom is trivial, because it is very short and not so visible.

Try your spread blindfold on the part. Now is a result, more impressed with your eyes wide. so, this part is often we miss, For some people who have wide eyes are not so important. In the eyes of the type it is so small means.

3. False eyelash

There are various types of cilia, which have long, short, there is a thin but there are dense. So if you own including the short and thin, you do not need to worry at this time because there is a false eyelash that can help you stay beautiful.

False eyelash can appear very attractive, beautifull, elegant and natural, if you install correctly. You should note that is not a false eyelash that is too long. Adjust the length with the size of your original eyelash, trim with scissors if you feel too long.

4. clearly with the eye pencil (eye liner)

If the eyes firm with eye liner, Whoala! in a flash you are displaying a wider effect and fresh. May sound odd, but the facts say that the white eye liner that makes the eyes look wider. You can add also on the corner of the eye up and down you get a perfect result.

5. A shave and trim your brow

,is related to the eyebrow, why should all be shaven? You realize that without any form of eyebrow influence change in the face. If your eyebrow is not yet been made, try to make up now and you see the difference. Tend to be made eyebrow if there is an impression more mature, beautiful and elegant. And this was also made more impressed with your eyes wide.

Now you are confident with the wide eyes shining. Do not forget treated with cilia choose your mascara product that contains moisturizer and guaranteed security

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