Hair Beauty

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hair is the crown every women. So how many made by women to get healthy and beautiful hair. But if you do wrong in the treatment of hair, the results will not be visible. So there is no one you see some steps you can do so that treatment is appropriate.

If you want to get a shiny hair, then try to rinse your hair after washed with a mixture of 2 tablespoon apple Cider vinegar with 3 cup of water that does not smell. This is done to dissoluble residue shampoo and hair dull shine.

For a fun coloring your hair and want to protect your hair color really need special treatment. Because time is in the outdoor sun exposure and then you have to spread without rinsed conditioner or leave in conditioner to protect hair color.

Want to see the hair smooth and straight day after more in-shampoo then you can get with the spread of hair pomade before you blow dry. Pomade mimic natural hair oil, so the hair is able to finish.

If you want to create waves in the straight hair with an easy way, then divide your hair in the wet conditions to become part 6. After that gulunglah and let each dry by itself. Then release and spray containing salt.
Meanwhile, to stimulate hair growth and ease the headache you can do with massage fingertips. Do play a small movement along the line of hair for at least 30 seconds. Take a large handful of hair and pull up slowly. fist at hand and at light-skin around the head 20 times.

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