Brown ball in Love Valentine's Day

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can expect shipment of chocolate on the day of Valentine, you better start making the ball chocolate or chocolate truffle. In addition to easily set up, the sweet chocolate is melted by the tongue. Who knows some red roses will you receive as a reward.

175 ml double cream / thick cream
225 g dark cooking chocolate, cut small

Cocoa powder
Powdered sugar
Peanut (coarse debris)
Dried coconut shavings

How to create:
1. If there are any type of use couverture chocolate so it's more comfortable.
2. Place chocolate in a bowl.
3. Cook cream until boiling. Lift.
4. Pour immediately into a bowl containing chocolate discount.
5. Poke until melted chocolate and mix into a thick and slippery.
6. Leave for 2 hours in room temperature until dough is frozen
7. If you want fast, close and save the bowl for 1 hour in refrigerator.
8. Spreat it with palm sugar powder form that when the dough is not sticky chocolate in hand.
9. Form the dough into a ball, small ball.
10. Roll over to sowing in the flat. Serve.

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